Camping at the Scandinavian Raceway Anderstorp

All information about camping at the Scandinavian Raceway Anderstorp

Opening hours:

From Thursday 12 pm to Monday 12 pm.


Camping tickets are sold as weekend tickets (Friday to Sunday). If you are arriving later, you still have to pay the full price. If you are arriving earlier than 12 pm on Thursday or leaving later than 12 pm on Monday, you are not charged additionally. Fees are paid per person.

Description :

As many racetracks in the calendar, DTM provides you the opportunity to camp at the Scandinavian Raceway Anderstorp – camp in the immediate proximity of the racetrack and create your unique DTM experience!

In Anderstorp, we offer you two different types of camping: choose between bringing your own tent or bringing your own caravan.

Moreover, you can choose whether you want access to electricity or not: stay in your own caravan and due to the selectable electricity connection you can feel like home and use or charge all your electronic devices. Alternatively, you can choose the offer without electricity as well and enjoy your free time in nature without any distraction.

Additionally, we provide you a separate camping entrance to the event site, so the direct proximity to the racetrack gets ensured.


Tent: 40€

Caravan with electricity: 80€ (excl. person)

Person (for caravan with electricity): 40€

Caravan without electricity: 60€ (excl. person)

Person (for caravan without electricity): 40€

Camping tickets

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Camping Plan

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